Seed Chart Top 20 – Thailand Top 50 singles of 2007

Enjoy !

This “unofficial” yearly seed chart Top 50 was calculated and from many weekly seed chart’s statistics such as position on the chart, weeks on chart and other factors and summarized without bias.

8 Replies to “Seed Chart Top 20 – Thailand Top 50 singles of 2007”

  1. anime_junkie trash

    There was a song which I heard at a Thai Movie "Ghost Mother".It was at the beginning scene where a guy plays it in front of the female lead. The song went like " Falling in love with the taken one" Can someone tell me the name of the song in English

  2. Mowgli From the Jungle

    Does anyone remember a popular song where the chorus was something like "ben laiden oh ben Laiden, ben laiden, oh ben laiden" it was not about bin laden the terrorist and I remember asking someone about it and they said it was about a bird? 🐦 This was around 2007-08 it was very popular and on the radio in Phuket all the time. Please help me find it! Very beautiful song!

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