Unfolding Thailand // Cycling the Mae Hong Son Loop

Here’s the complete guide to this 660km road loop:

Pick the right roads and they’re simply stunning, not to mention smooth, wide and with low traffic volumes. Stop anywhere and you’re guaranteed a tasty, freshly cooked meal that will power you along. Find cheap hotels in every single town (with warm showers, fast wifi and air conditioning), keeping your schedule free and continuously adaptable. Talk to any Thai local and you’ll be gifted with smiles and kindness. With this kind of pleasure and ease, Thailand is the ideal destination for people of all skill levels and travel experience. All you need is a bike, a change of clothes and a sense of adventure.

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4 Replies to “Unfolding Thailand // Cycling the Mae Hong Son Loop”

  1. bpetnoi

    Fellow Bikers,

    Good to see you started out touring in Thailand on the level of Mae Hong Son :)), Those mountains are indeed a bit of a challenge for any age. Glad you had a good time. Did you stay at any temples? When touring in Thailand you can camp at temples if you go in and ask permission. Only problem is some will have reservations about female visitors staying over night, but not all. Going around a blind mountain corner in Thailand is sometimes a challenge. I remember a herd of water buffalo in the road once and even a wild elephant in Kao Yai National Park.

    Yes the people of Thailand can be friendly and kind. I have many stories of kindness from my travels in country on my trike. Since you were able to handle the mountain of Mae Hong Son, you might consider the Mae Sot to Mukdahan ride someday if you have not already done it. Starts on the Myanmar border and ends at the river across of Laos. About 800 km and a good ride, but the first three or four days in the mountains are tough. At my age now it would most likely be 5 days getting over the mountains.

    Glad to hear you had a great time. Sorry for so much rain, but some people like it as it helps keep you cool.

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