How I Stay Healthy When Travelling⎮Chiang Mai, Thailand Vlog

Hi beautiful friends! Today I am sharing with you how I stay healthy when I’m travelling, as well as bring you along to some amazing places to explore in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I hope this video can inspire you to take more care of your health, not just physically but mentally too, and to prioritise your wellbeing. Simply do your best and allow yourself to thrive to be the best version of you♡ Sending my love!

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This video is copyrighted by Jasmine Lipska ❤︎

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39 Replies to “How I Stay Healthy When Travelling⎮Chiang Mai, Thailand Vlog”

  1. kimolpalace

    Every time I watch your video I fall in love with you more and more, jasmine your a beautiful soul I like what you are doing please keep going.
    I would like to see you dancing in next video.
    If you know about MBTI personality test I guess you are INFJ because i'am too, I love reading, writing, traveling and I'm an introvert.

  2. Katie Clark

    Hi Jasmine,
    I wanted to get your view and hear your experiences with travelling solo and what that means in relation to social interactions with other travellers. I know you often stay in private accommodation instead of hostels, do you find that means you don't meet many new people?
    Thank you!

  3. Jasmine Shakti

    Dear Jasmine, I really appreciate this beautiful vlog. You always makes me feel worthy and safe and beloved. To me this video is real brain-food. I will follow each step of your advices. They are helping me in dealing with a very difficult breakthrough in my life dealing with interrupting a very toxic friendship. I learnt from you how to gently close the door to what does not more serves us to be happy and radiant. I think self-love is the key to fulfilment,joy and health so that we can give to others and realize our dreams.

    I love to see how much healthy you are and I adore every temple you show us and in particular that enchanting Buddha made up of beautiful jade. It is so cute that it reminds you of your lovely sister. Like you I am doing a lot of exercise "climbing" stairs recently and I think that your explorations are one of the most beautiful way to do a cultural and healthy workout. I am so grateful because of all the insights I am constantly learning from you and I admire you so much for your courage, self-confidence, determination. I have been inspired by your beautiful breakfast, I love to see what you eat on a daily basis and I have decided to reproduce it. Ps I am so so excited for your next book. You are so creative and full of energy. All my blessings lovely shining star ! 🌠

  4. Emily G

    The places are beautiful, your outfits are beautiful, your hair looks beautiful, you are beautiful, the lighting is beautiful… Everything you do is beautiful, that's it!❤
    That hair color suits you perfectly, I think you look a little bit like Jade 😅

  5. Jasmine Jones

    You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing your knowledge and light with the world! I used to dislike my name because I experienced abuse as a child and hearing my name felt like someone calling me an insult, but seeing you as "Jasmine" and how wonderful you are and how beautiful your name sounds, it has made me feel really good to be Jasmine too! You are beautiful in every way. I would like to travel as well, but I am too fearful – I hope to gain the courage in the future. You have helped me so much! Thank you for being such a positive influence and inspiration, you truly are an amazing person ❤️

  6. Adrian Koh

    Hi jasmine ! Another wonderful day in Chiang Mai. I really admired your hardwork, patience & also dedication while filming and making your vlogs. You're not only talented but also gifted too. Safe traveling and smile always, Jasmine. May God bless you each and everyday.😃

  7. MC

    Hey Jasmine, inspiring video as always ❤️ Can I ask you witch courses are you taking and witch platform do you use? I like to expand my knowledge but don't know where to do it online, can you help me? Sending lots of love

  8. Samantha Li

    Omg the ad for this video was one you did for Sandcloud and honestly, I screamed 😂.

    The healing bowl reminds me of this one my friend has. Her mum does reiki and she gave her it to get rid of any negative energy or spirits in the room. I think it's the same thing actually, except hers is the size of her head and unlike the little ting from the one the lady showed you, makes a deep droning sound that scares the crap out of me when I hear her use it from another room 😂😂

  9. cloudie7

    Hi Jasmine…How are you?After a short break you take from YT.This is the first video i watch.I can see the video style editing is a bit different.But is ok, it is still nice to watch.Your smoothie bowl lookss yummy. How can we create a Smootie?Do we use the same Fruit juice blender to create the smootie? Congrats on your Program.Have Fun…❤️🍪

  10. Fruitful Faerie

    I've admired how you always choose to eat clean, plant based foods and it just makes me think that it really is just a choice we make every time we eat. It's not always easy, but you are so inspiring by how often you make the choice to eat lovely clean meals especially when travelling ♡

  11. Naomibrik

    Hello Jasmine, thanks for your video! I’ve neve been in those Places, i live in Italy. You are teaching me a lot of the oriental world, only a bit in difficult cause you talk quickly in english for me, but it is natural.thnks a lot and god bless You ever.bye bye

  12. Triste Cherie

    the unthinkable happened! you've become even more beautiful! your recovery is so inspiring and thanks to you I'm so much less afraid of food, seeing it as nourishment rather than the basis of self evaluation!
    I am looking forward to traveling even more now!!

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