A list of things to consider not packing also things you should bring when traveling to Thailand. People often ask us this question, “What should I bring on my trip to Thailand?” so we put together this essential video on Things NOT TO bring and TO bring to THAILAND.

NOTE : Most hotel will provide you with basic toiletries which the maids will replaces it every day if used but we always pack our own travel pack once finish we just pop in the pharmacy or 7-11 or family mart convenience stores. You will find these shops every corner on the street. Except if you have specific brands just being it from home.




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26 Replies to “Things NOT TO bring and TO bring to THAILAND ( WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU TRAVEL THAILAND ) 🇹🇭”

  1. dwynnell

    Guys, nice advice and please forgive me but I must comment about international driving licence from my own experience. You’ve got to have a Thai licence, if the road blocks are going to stop you, they want a “fine” for any infraction real or imagined. A Thai licence seems to get past that. I used to have to swap seats with my wife when roadblocks came into view. Now, no worries.
    Meds – no diazepam, no codeine. – basically anything that might give you a high is prohibited, but you can legally bring them in for personal use if you have stamped and sealed doctors letter, from your doc and seen (and stamped) by the Thai embassy in your country of origin. They kick up a fuss at customs but after the boss inspects your paperwork, it’s all good. Don’t get scared and think you’re in trouble or have to pay a “fine” – just brave it out, if you have got your docs in order it will all be okay eventually.

  2. Lynn Luna

    What is the situation now with e-cigarettes? We had no idea they were banned and we got pulled with 1 but let off as we did not buy it in Thailand. I dont think non nationals are aware its an issue. Are there any other apparently innocent products that is illegal to bring to Thailand? For instance, you cant buy ibroprofen without prescription, so is it not illegal to take it into the country without medical evidence, ie prescription, that you need it?

  3. Shipper

    What about all the scams. Educate us on those, please! And safe foods to eat as Americans. And if there are vegan places or grocery stores to buy foods and cook our own meals! I have Food Allergies and have to be safe when I travel. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Scorpion

    Thailand has a lovely people, but also one of the more stupid Government, in the Asia. Tourist, has to report all their movements and register, where they are staying. What a joke. Fish smell from the head. Look at their King.

  5. Benjamini Eugenio

    Thailand is almost same the Philippines, it is tropical and humid country. The difference is language, they are more Thai-native speakers, they don't much use to speak English. But people are great there is solemn and calmness you feel when you hear them saying their greetings" Sawadee hap".

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