Puriyatha Puthir – Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi,Gayathrie | Sam C. S.

Puriyatha Puthir is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language psychological thriller film directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi and produced under Rebel Studio Productions. Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathrie feature in the leading roles, while the film’s music is composed by Sam C. S. and cinematography is handled by Dinesh Krishnan.[1] The film which began production in 2013, but went through production delays and was only released on 1 September 2017.


Vijay Sethupathi
Mahima Nambiar

Written & Directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi
Produced by Deepan Boopathy, Ratesh Velu
Music by Sam C. S.
Cinematography Dinesh Krishnan
Edited by Bavan Sreekumar
Production Company : Rebel Studio

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23 Replies to “Puriyatha Puthir – Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi,Gayathrie | Sam C. S.”

  1. Abuhuraira Abdullah

    இந்த கதை இன்றைய இளைஞர் சமூகத்திற்கு தேவையான பாடம் படமும் கூட

    இன்னும் ஒரு செய்தி நட்புக்காக ஒரு தியாகமும் கூட

  2. riyaz rahman

    sethus acting forced me to watch all his movies. I have seen almost all his movies. whenever i watch his movies i feel like he lives in that character and don't feel like he is acting. Tamil Cinema's best actor i have ever seen. he deserves more good films in future.

  3. Abdul Razack

    நடுவில் ஒரு கண்ணாடிக்காரனை கைது செய்கிறார்களே அவனுக்கும் இந்த கதைக்கும் என்ன சம்மந்தம்.? புரிந்தவர்கள் விளக்கவும்

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