Healthy Pregnancy Tips From the CDC

Taking care of yourself, working with your doctor, and getting your home ready are a few ways you can prepare for a healthy pregnancy. You should also get vaccinated against whooping cough and the flu during each pregnancy. Vaccines are an important part of every pregnancy because they help protect you and your baby from preventable diseases. Talk to your doctor about how vaccination during pregnancy can keep you and your developing baby safe. Learn more by visiting

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  1. Apl R

    Hi, I would like to ask your permission if we could use your video for our hospital’s TV screens, to be displayed at the waiting areas.

    Hoping for your response as soon as possible.

  2. Kimmie Polinger

    Safety and effectiveness has never been established in pregnant women. Section 8.1 of all Vaccine Package Inserts! Page 14… "There are no adequate and well-controlled studies of BOOSTRIX in pregnant women in the U.S." BOOSTRIX.PDF

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