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Pattaya massage girls 2018, this is travel and training video from Thailand Pattaya. It was filmed at popular tourist destination in Pattaya Thailand as Soi Honney, Soi Chaiyapoon and Soi Buakhao. Threre are thai massage girls from traditional thai massage parlors and thai girls from massage shops with extra services. From video you can learn how to distinguish bad massage shops from traditional thai massage parlor. As a general rule, if thai girls are wearing uniforms then it is massage only. If thai girls are casually dressed as in this video, then they offer massage and extras…

Also you will know thai massage price in Pattaya parlors and massage cost in massage shops with extra service in Pattaya. You will find the most popular streets in Pattaya where massage parlors and shops are located…


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36 Replies to “PATTAYA MASSAGE WOMEN AT WORK | Thailand 2018”

  1. Art T

    So many Asian massage parlors have opened up in my area the last couple of years…Been to a few. Most of the women are old and look like they bob for egg rolls.
    I usually walk out if the place smells and the girl looks like she needs vaccinations.
    I never see young pretty girls.

  2. Dieter Zach

    So viele schöne Mädels ! Ich werde mir auch ein schönes Thai Mädchen aussuchen die mich dann schön massiert .
    So many beautiful girls! I will also choose a nice Thai girl who will massage me nicely.

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