This Is Why We Travel To CHIANG MAI – Thailand Cost For Foreigners 🇹🇭

Travel has a lot to do with the costs of living. How expensive is Chiang Mai – The biggest northern city of Thailand ? Today we break down the cost of accommodation, food and drink, transportation and also activities to help you budget your trip to Thailand better, specifically in Chiang Mai which is one of the most popular destination in Thailand, where we stay for a month and it totally make our experience in Thailand amazing.

Thailand is a place where you could find great hotels, apartments and restaurants at really reasonable prices, especially in the popular city of the country like Chiang Mai. The country is generally said a bit more expensive than the neighbor country like Vietnam but it is still affordable for budget traveler or backpackers who dream of traveling South East Asia. it is still really affordable place to spend your vacation, especially in comparison with Country in North America ; America, Canada and in Europe.


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39 Replies to “This Is Why We Travel To CHIANG MAI – Thailand Cost For Foreigners 🇹🇭”

  1. Divert Living

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  2. CWF

    Curious if you have any suggestions on best way to book my flights. My sister and I are traveling to Bali in May and we decided to add an extra week to travel over to Chiang Mai Thailand. Would you suggest buying a multi-city flight from the states? Or buying a one way tickets from states to bali and from thailand to the states, which would mean buying our Thailand ticket while in Bali and a return from Thailand back to the states?

  3. Zak Browne

    It is a totally stupid idea to buy bottled water. Hotel and residence rooms come with an electric tea pot, use it to boil tap water. Or you can buy a pot at Baan & Beyond or similar store. I can assure that Chiang Mai water tastes great. I lived in Shenzhen China for 6 years and was doing same, but Shenzhen water has a very bad taste. So, don't waste your money buying bottled water.

  4. Mikael Englund

    Great videos guys! i cant really get the maths done though, your`e paying 300 a month for the apartment and 76 for the bike and 18 for the internet package, leaves you with like 100 dollars for everything else for a month?

  5. Simple Tings

    I am planning to leave Canada to live there, because I am barely scraping by on a 40k salary here, and it sucks being at the bottom of food chain here, is it a good idea to move to Chiang Mai, is it safe and worth it?

  6. Chef recipes for beginners

    I have never been to Thailand but would like to travel to Thailand but I have seen some videos in youtube where thai beats some tourists in different places in Thailand, it is true that if you have a problem with a thai, every other thai people beats you at the same time?

  7. Graham Johnson

    Good video but you concentrated on Thai foods plus you could have given the baht equivalents so folks from other countries could do their own calculations. I'm sure it's not just Americans that watch. Oh and keep you under titles in line with your speech, I read and listen.

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