Air Asia Don Mueang Bangkok Airport Thailand Travel Tips Video How expensive is Bangkok?

Thailand Travel Tips video. We have arrived at Bangkok airport Thailand! This is the first video in my Thailand vlog series, starting with flying in to Don Mueang airport in Bangkok on an Air Asia flight from Siem Reap in Cambodia.
How expensive is Bangkok Thailand? In this Thailand travel vlog I give you some helpful tips for travellers flying in to Bangkok including some costs. After buying a Thai Sim card for data use in Thailand, and a snack at Don Mueang airport I show you the process for getting a taxi from Donmueang airport into Bangkok city. Remember the traffic in Bangkok can be very busy.
Request your taxi driver uses the metre rather than giving you a fixed fare, the metred fare from Donmueang Airport was less than half the price.

Equipment used in this video travel vlog
Camera: Sony A7R III (new in 2017)
Go-pro & Sound Equipment:
Stabilizer/Gimbal: Feiyu Tech a2000
Drone/Aerial footage: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Next Travel Vlog: Monday 2nd April 2018
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15 Replies to “Air Asia Don Mueang Bangkok Airport Thailand Travel Tips Video How expensive is Bangkok?”

  1. Graham Johnson

    That is a massive room, never seen one as big for a double. 7/11 just didn't change their name when they changed their opening times, perhaps because they didn't all go 24 hours at once if they all do now, not sure if a 7/11 in a small town would be 24 hours.

  2. seven52nine

    Awesome Simon, which part did you stay? I loved bkk. We stayed near a bts and it was great. I think that taxi meter was better than a uber. Our uber sucked and they weren't interested in helping. Seven eleven are great. However we tried to use local shops to help local businesses. This was not always possible due to us being vegetarian. Looking forward to your Bangkok videos. I lost my sd card so I lost a lot of footage.

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