TRAVELING THAILAND – Route / Budget /Accommodation / Food

📍Everything you need to know if you are going to backpack Southeast Asia

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We discuss how to travel around Thailand. Our favorite country in all of Southeast Asia. Our Thailand route was North Part of Thailand Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai & then we traveled the Thai Islands
-Koh Samui
-Koh Phangan
-Koh Phi Phi
-Koh Lanta
-Koh Tao

Travel book we used;
Backpack we used;

Times for the topics:
The Route: 0:25
The Budget: 4:39
Accommodation: 5:45
The food: 5:27
Travel/ Transport: 6:30
Overall Tips: 8:56

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40 Replies to “TRAVELING THAILAND – Route / Budget /Accommodation / Food”

  1. L Jones

    Making my way to Thailand for the 5th time this year. Lived on Lanta for a month in 2017 volunteering at Lanta Animal Welfare, a must have if you love cats and dogs.

    Big up Koh Tao also, one of the best places on earth ❤️

  2. Mike Yerian

    Great Video! Thanks for sharing your tips. I am thinking of going to Thailand in April to experience Songkran. But i've read it can be difficult find accommodations during this time. Did you have any trouble booking accommodations during Songkran?

  3. Iqbal Eydatoula

    Thank you very much. very instructive. in 2016 i lived on usd 1000 a month mainly in chiang mai plus few days in bangkok and pai. This time in october we will do same as you but from south to north trying within a budget of usd 1500 – 1800 which is approx what you were saying in the video. we go for guest houses and do not mind to walk a bit as best deals are found of course off centers. tuk tuk we avoid now you have to bargain a lot at times and if they operate like in a cartel especially at night, it is more expensive. The common red van taxi is definitely the cheapest way around. food is cheap and particularly when at night they regroup themselves in food courts

  4. Stuart Trill

    Hey – great video, thanks for all the useful info 🙂

    just one question, you said in your tips at the end to not hand over your passport when rentin peds – instead of passports that they may ask for, what do you provide??

  5. TeeHTravel

    We have managed to book the 1st week, we are staying in Bangkok, chang mai and then krabi from that point we will be doing the islands. when you were in Thailand did you just book accommodation online? if so what websites did you use?

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