THAILAND'S GOT TALENT !- 2 Thai songs 2 voices by pretty singer Bell Nuntita! in HD !

Bell Nuntita is a Thai trans sexual (or Khateoy in Thai)who is a beautiful ,young lady with singing talent as shown in her performance in the Talent Show.She sang 2 songs remixed by herself , beginning with her female voice and later in her second song she change her voice tone to a male voice which stunned the judges and standing ovation from the audiences. Wow!! What a night for her as she got 3 Yes! from the judges……….after the show she was tightly hugged by two male organisers on stage , again to the surprise of the lady judge who said she was never been hugged before by these guys whom she them her over 10years! Her 1st song=Yahk roo tae mai yahk taam(I want to know but I don’t want to ask)Lyrics as follows: Just being close to you,sharing the air with you
Even, if we’re just friends, still, it’s too hard to resist
There’s always a question in my mind,I want to know your feelings
I just cannot tell you, how much I love you !

2nd song lyrics:I know I am just no one
I know it cannot be possible
There is no hope for me, no matter what
Since you have nothing to do with me
No matter how hard I had tried,
you would’nt love me
And soon all hopes will be faded away
Even if I love you this much,it is meaningless to you
I would just be hoping too much,that some day, you would love me too
Despite the fact that it is impossible, and I’m not the one for you
It is still okay, let me just keep you in my heart till end of time
I don’t know how long it would take for me to erase you from my mind
Don’t know when I would be able to love again
End !enjoy the song (called Unloveable by MILD )!


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