3 ways to learn Thai Language + Tips + Fun :)

Here are the links for the E-book Thailand survival phrases:

(with the coupon code: Steff )

Once you’ve received the Book, You can copy the link into your browser to view the youtube video. (On page 5 of the E-book)

This video is about 3 ways to learn Thai language.
1: real Thai classes with a teacher
2: online Thai courses / youtube videos
3: E-books on learning Thai

I also gave some tips about remembering Thai words. Such as the
colors in Thai. With the visualization method .
Telling the Time in Thai is not so easy. So i would suggest
you better start with the basic thai words.
As in the E-book: Thailand Survival phrases.

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34 Replies to “3 ways to learn Thai Language + Tips + Fun :)”

  1. James Tough

    One app that does basic Thai useful phrases is an app called Learn Thai. It has an elephant as an icon and all the phrases can be downloaded for use offline that has perfect pronunciation with speech in Thai and accurate translation which can help you build basic sentences in Thai. I highly recommend it for someone who wants to be polite and maybe please some lady friend they have met. Chok dee krup

  2. James Tough

    Bought the ebook thanks but the video link does not work and is not written properly from the first link with a coupon, can you show me youtube link I would be grateful. Still a good tool without youtube link for quite cheap. I speak very little Thai as only go on holiday so pick up a few phrases every time I go. Thanks

  3. Shaun Mantell

    Time is/was tricky….I remember my girlfriend telling me years ago,we have to get the bus at "see mong chow"…see is 4,chow is morning,thought that was early,kept questioning her,are you sure,4 oclock morning,yes "see mong chow"….So I wake her up,hurry lets go,its 4 a.m…..Finally worked it out "see mong chow" is 10 a.m,good way to learn I guess…….I said to her,oh well since we're awake now…how 'bout it then!!….That's when I learned No thanks in Thai……Often good just to pick up bits as you go.

  4. Stephen Watson

    Totally agree learning to read and write is essential if you want to learn a language properly . I always was taught you have to learn how a language is structured and you can build off the principals as you advance . So going to a school would seem to be the obvious route , but I've spoken to more than a few people who've been and regard it as a waste of time , saying it's not relevant to the Thai you'll actually use from day to day and the best way is to just learn phrases and take it from there . Hard to see how you'll be able to string a conversation together very easily using that method , yes you'll get by and be able to communicate and I suppose that's what most of us want and probably all we can achieve without serious dedication .

  5. Pique Dard

    hi Steff,
    sorry for commenting too much on this vlog, but again i love languages! telling time in thai is very tricky, indeed, because the traditional thai system divides a day into 4 portions of six hours whereas the western divides  a day into 2 equal portions of twelve hours!!!  thus "sip moong chaaw =10 am" becomes  "traditionally  said "sii moong chaaw"  which gives -if literally translated – 4am!!! you may ask the  thai lady in your vlog, she'll tell! it took me a whole month to learn  how to tell time correctly in thai, "the traditional way vs the modern way". in the modern way, you use  the same digit like in english (see the example above). in the  traditional thai way, you divide a day into 6 portions and "suddenly" you find yourself saying "sii moong chaaw" = 4am, yet you mean 10 am!!!!  4am in traditional way is "tii sìi"

  6. GooseHunter

    Nice video Steff, i like your little mic haha, your video outside was very good and Quiet, good job on the mic, what a shame you did not take the girl home she wanted some thing from you maybe youtube fame or money but something hahaha, also your brother looks better than you LOL, hope you have lots of fun getting wet in pattaya, Cheers Steff, John

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