Yi Peng (ยี่เป็ง) Festival (or the Sky Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai) often occurs during Loi Krathong and annually in Chiang Mai Thailand. More on my blog :

This year, I made a bucketlist trip to Yee Ping Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
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Best Things to Do in
Chiang Dao (เชียงดาว) ✈
Pai (ปาย )✈
Bangkok (Part 1: Old City) ✈
Bangkok (Part 2: Downtown) ✈
Thailand Transportation:

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  1. Edelwise Barmilton

    I like your clips but I'm sorry … Kom-loi is beautiful but very dangerous 🙁

    Every years after festival we often see many bad news. Komloi make problem for airplanes and fire on local people houses. Many Thai people be injured ,afflicted and dead. Now we are campaigning "No Komloi". Tourist know it is my country's culture. No, it is not real traditional activity. Real Komloi is just a large balloon in the day not night.This festival should value at "Krathong" or banana leaves floatind basket! (but now some of us say they're bad for river too. Tomorrow after festival beautiful-things be the trash and make river be sewage.)

    Sorry for my bad English-skill. I try to explain this behind the scenes for foreigners.

  2. Sarah Nagorney

    Such a beautiful site to see. A must add on to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love your videos/vlogs!! It's the next best thing to actually going. Plus, I'll have some great ideas and tips for when I eventually get to travel,,, just waiting for the kids to graduate. LOL Only 2 years left,,,,,

  3. freyja77

    Thank you for making this beautiful video ! 🙂 Now this is definitely on my bucket list. I'm a new solo traveler, and I find your channel very informative and inspiring. All my best to you!

  4. lzrdlps

    Thank you for sharing, it is a wonderful ceremony, did it a couple years ago. Glad you got to check off one on your bucket list. Only got a couple left on mine, a night on the Great Wall is next on my list. Happy Thanksgiving, may the GRRR be with you, stay safe.

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