Thai Language for Travelers (Basic Thai Part 1)

Hello, so as requested here is a video of some of the top phrases that are helpful to me during my stay in Thailand. I hope you find this video helpful and learn a few things from it. I apologize if you find it complicated to follow. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Numbers (Super important!)

Here is the document of the phrases you can download. These are all the phrases that I know and helped me throughout my journey in Thailand.

Boya Lavalier Clip on Microphone

Cheap Stabilizer: Zhiyun Smooth Q (Phone Stabilizer)

Music Credits:
VXM – Falling | Soft Instrumental (VinceXiong Music)

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thailand language

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  1. Max Payne

    Hey guys, got a question. I've always wondered how most of the Hmong in Thailand live. In America, we have this picture that they live in village huts and tend to be poor. Do you see any college educated Hmongs who have assimilated into society and doing well? Thanks!

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