Miss Universe 2019 Top 10 Evening Gown Competition | Miss Universe 2019

Miss Universe 2019 Top 10 graces the Miss Universe 2019 stage with their stunning gowns.

Courtesy of: “IMG Universe, LLC” The Miss Universe Organization

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26 Replies to “Miss Universe 2019 Top 10 Evening Gown Competition | Miss Universe 2019”

  1. Fiera Suave

    Miss Universe I need you to leave earth and go to visit the other planets: Venus, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, stars, and other galaxies and bring back signs of life.

    Miss Universo, necesito que usted vaya y salga de la tierra a visitar los otros planetas: Jupiter, Venus, Saturno, Pluto, Marte, Neptuno, Mercurio, las estrellas, y otras galaxias y me traiga signos de otra vida.

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