Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Vlog: Doi Suthep & Night Safari

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We started Gott Love on our wedding day, November 22, 2014. We moved to Okinawa, Japan for a year and a half together, explored as much as possible, vacationed Asia, and then we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada! We love to explore and have big dreams to travel the world full time. Kyle finished a 6-year enlistment in the Air Force in October 2018 and we dove into becoming full-time travelers. We are travel nomads now exploring the world. We love seeing new things and meeting new people and we hope you enjoy our YouTube channel as much as we do! Join the journey of us doing long-term travel and full-time travel and we work and travel the world! Thank you for watching!

37 Replies to “Chiang Mai, Thailand Travel Vlog: Doi Suthep & Night Safari”

  1. Tasha Mercer

    I only started watching you yesterday but I've watched a lot of your videos. especially your chaing Mai videos BC I'm going there in November. I've been to Thailand 7 times but never chaing Mai… any recommendations?

  2. Eliza Wells

    just a quick question, i know this was so long ago sorry, but were you staying in the "new" or old city of Chaing Mai? xx would be really nice if you could respond because i was thinking of going there for chrissie, : )

  3. Tanya S.

    Too bad it there was a smog. Generally, the weather in Chiang Mai in March – April is not so clear :/
    You guys should come back again next time 🙂 Nov-Dec is the nicest in my opinion

  4. Ronald Armstrong

    You need a lot o practice to ride a scooter and always wear helmet. Great vid. Moving to Chiang Mai soon to start online business as a retiree from US. Great vid and also to nice to see people living life to its fullest. But got to see tigers when I move to Chiang mai.

  5. Zodiac

    To add to the 10,000 things our family love about you two is how much you love animals. My wife and I just love animals as well. You two are really awesome & have to be the best VLOGGERS on YouTube! 🙂

  6. Richard Creaser

    I am enjoying your video's so much. I spent 4 weeks in Thailand last year. It was at the invitation of a Thai friend who lives in the UK. She wanted me to see Thailand through the eyes of a Thai person. We stayed at her fathers home in Bangkok but went to Chiang Mai to visit her sister for a few days. During our stay there it was my birthday and her sister + husband gave me such a memorable Birthday. I found the Thai people to be the most pleasant race of people that I have ever met. Yep, I wanna live there too!

  7. Ernie Perez

    Dont wear your clothes for 3 days if in Thailand, normal Thai people with some class change there clothes twice a day if they tend to go out at night time. You have many grabby traveler who dont wash and smell bad body odour and the locals look down on you major. lease dont be a grab if you want pick up girls or meet people

  8. Helen Smith

    I watched these "Bangkok Airport" YouTube videos, and they showed a tourist in the airport medical clinic who had been bitten by some dog on the street and it got all infected and ruined her trip. I thought that was going to be you at 13:40, for sure!!! She said the dog was all calm but just came out of nowhere and bit her.

  9. Holly Chafins

    Absolutely LOVING all the travel vlog. Loved your vlog before but these are so exciting to watch and seriously make me want to travel. My husband is in the Army and we are currently stationed in El.Paso TX but will be getting out and moving back home to Ohio in October!!!

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