Hello fammm!!! I worked very hard on this, I hope you like it!
i love creating these travel videos, and I hope you love them as much as I do! It takes me back to all the fun and inspiring moments I witness on the trip and I believe, making a video helps me treasure all of it even more.
Thankyou Shanaya, Ridge, Jeffrey and ilya for making this trip so memorable. I love you guys!!!

Shot 100% on Gopro Hero 5.
Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Thanks to KYLER HOLLAND for his Zoom, Spin and slide transitions presets. He has great tutorials! check him out here

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46 Replies to “THAILAND TRAVEL FILM // GoPro Hero 5”

  1. Albert Arriola

    Just curios did you shoot in 4k and down res it to 1080 when exporting? or did you just shoot in 1080 for the most of the trip? I haven't bought mines yet but I definitely want to. Any accessories you can recommend getting? Any case for under water or just used out the case? I'm heading to Thailand in less than 2 weeks this looks so nice 😀

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