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  1. R H

    Anyone who wants to se phi phi Iland , do not use Sea Siam Marine tours! They are scamers.Worst tour experience, never ever book a tour from see the sea blue marina or Sea Siam Marine . The tour was from phuket to phi phi, in the beginning they do a scare instruction to get you to buy shove etc. which is very expensive. . then when you board the boat you meet the worst staff, seriously do not look at them and there words. . they want to end there tour, so they do not make you enjoy places where you have been there, of course you have come a long way to enjoy the place, but this staff makes you terrible tour. . and one more important thing on the boat, this employee offers you the opportunity to dive. . Don't take it, you just don't have the money. We got the very worst unprofessional response from all the employees in the boat, when we canceled the scuba alternative when we were told it was waste.

  2. Dave Labao

    OMG… i am planning to visit Bangkok this March… But after watching all these videos of the scams i felt stressed and i changed my mind… All i want is to visit and enjoy the tour, not to be stressed …

  3. Nina Kodric

    From my experience, Thailand can be a bit dangerous if you travel on a low budget. I go to Thailand every single year once or twice for over 15 years now and I have seen many many scams but I can tell you that it is very safe when you stay in better hotels and use taxi which use meters. Never rent a scooter or anything else and never give away your passport. Thailand is one of the best countries in the world but everyone has to be careful there and use common sense

  4. Davey James

    Thailand is an amazing place. I have been many times. Just use common sense. Thai people are some of the most compassionate and peaceful people I have ever met. The tuk-tuk and taxi "scams" are definitely good info. Krab kun krap.

  5. Dodong gemini

    Jet ski Scam in Thailand is notorious!!!! for a scratch and fail engine which is very easy to fix they will ask for 1000usd for it.. damn if you dont pay they will call police and also will not do anything about it..

  6. Rob C

    I've been to Thailand many times and never got scammed. Just found the people so respectfull and nice. Will be back again soon. คำทักทายจากไอร์แลนด์

  7. di brentley

    Not really a scam but watch out for motorcyle thieves if your in a tuk tuk. Ladies put your bag in the middle of the tuk tuk by your feet and hang on to it. They will even steal your necklace if your wearing one. Before going to thailand leave your expensive jewellery at home. If you buy gold jewelery while your there, do not wear it out of the store. In fact dont wear it anywhere until you get home.
    Scam not mentioned is a tout taking you to a bar for a free show.. nothing is free, the drinks are high priced and show is rubbish.
    Have been going to thailand for 30 years and have to say Ive not had many bad experiences.

  8. Ozspanman

    God I wish people like you would learn the meaning of the word "barter". Bartering is exchanging goods and/or services for goods and/or services. It has nothing to do with price. Negotiating a price is called "haggling", not bartering. Go back to school mate.

  9. viv237685

    I will never visit Thailand 🇹🇭 I see lot of influence 1000 year old influence from their far off of neighbours of course India because they have Indian DNA 🧬 in them in Indian DNA scamming is very common I bet it has been passed on to Thai people probably 3000 years ago because Indian princes and traders from India settled in these regions long time ago I can lot of tourist scams happening in India and I have seen that a lot in India I don’t know how Cambodia Vietnam or Loas is Karl rock does an entire. video on India so he knows a lot about this.

  10. P Hern

    Don’t EVER rent a jet ski

    Thai police don’t do this shit been there a million times

    Don’t go off with tall Thai girls

    Have your hotel doorman get you a taxi with a working meter

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