Thailand Travel Vlog – Backpacking Koh Phi Phi is amazing!

Daily Thailand Travel Vlog #50 – Backpacking Thailand is an amazing experience. If you ever have the chance, do it!! Today we are exploring a beautiful island called Koh Phi Phi. It is a amazing little island with no cars and plenty to do for the relaxer and the partier in you. A must do is checking out the koh phi phi viewpoint. It gives you a beautiful panorama of the islands both sides. Their used to be climbing on the island at a main wall called “tonsia wall” , but due to some restrictions it was currently closed, so we just have a day of beach exploring and relaxing.

If you would like any info on backpacking thailand or on any traveling in thailand just let me know and if I can help out I will 😉


Music by Joakim Karud –


How to Vlog? This is the question I asked myself as I started out the new year. I am always looking to be more creative and I decided that this year will be the year that I start a daily vlog. So sitback and step into my daily life.

Vlogging is totally new to me, but I hope to bring you on all my travels, adventures and all around exploring.

A little bit about myself:
I live in San Diego and love all things creative. I am a webmaster for work but do all sorts of things including design, photography and anything that involves using my hands or creativity.

My wife and I are avid rock climbers and love go to on adventures in our 88 Vanagon. We traveled to last year all around Mexico, China, Bali, Hawaii and throughout California and Neveda. I am hoping that 2016 will bring more excitement and more travels, so be sure to subscribe 🙂


I use a Canon 70d combined with a Canon G7X for all my Vlogs.

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