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We started Gott Love on our wedding day, November 22, 2014. We moved to Okinawa, Japan for a year and a half together, explored as much as possible, vacationed Asia, and then we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada! We love to explore and have big dreams to travel the world full time. Kyle finished a 6-year enlistment in the Air Force in October 2018 and we dove into becoming full-time travelers. We are travel nomads now exploring the world. We love seeing new things and meeting new people and we hope you enjoy our YouTube channel as much as we do! Join the journey of us doing long-term travel and full-time travel and we work and travel the world! Thank you for watching!

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  1. see

    WI spent 25 years working in the telecoms business,  and when my friend had a problem with his  A. I. S. SIM. Card.   I agreed to help him.We went to the A. I. S. Shop in. Central. Festival pattaya.We met the manager there,A man about 28 years,  He did not under stand English,He  was  Not. Helpful.  He. Was  Rude., and  Impatient.We   Will   Never go There again. I told my friend to go to dtac. Or. True for a SIM card as it was clear   A. I. S  staff do not know how to deal with problems
    Beware. Of   A. I. S.

  2. Марьяна

    Hi guys! Thank you for your videos. I've just recently discovered ur channel and I am absolutely in love with it. Travel more and do lots of videos!

    Wanna ask why not Bali again? I am on the island right now and it's totally beautiful. Anyway, I really enjoy your vlog.

  3. paul jordan

    Always take carry-on luggage or backpack to Thailand and run to the front of that long customs line while others are waiting at the baggage carousel. At $7 an hour, this postman gets a foot massage EVERY morning while reading the Bangkok Post after breakfast soup (Gang Pa Moo)

  4. olive mae

    i have a package to send but i dont know if i should hold off for vegas or send it now? im worried that itll arrive when yall have already left or it wont get to you because of termination of your residency???

  5. Lone Wolf

    Yeah avoid tuk tuk when possible as you get hassled to get taken to tailor, massage, Jewelry shops or girls before taking you to the destination, The reason for this is they get a cut or fuel vouchers for every tourist they take to the shop.

    With a bit of planning between BTS and under ground railway you can get to most spots fast and cheap in Bangkok the only exception is if you want to go to the big them parks outside of the city then you take a taxi from the BTS station.

  6. xTrriippyy

    Awesome videos guys. And Kyle, thanks a lot for all the help on your original channel. I leave on July 4th for basic and you've given me TREMENDOUS help on things my recruiter couldn't even tell me. So thanks again, and keep up the great work!

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