26 Replies to “Thai Food – GIANT PRAWN PAD THAI OMELETTE Aoywaan Bangkok Seafood Thailand”

  1. awasetsu

    I’m totally agreed this Pad Thai looks very authentic. The sauce needs to be firstly prepared precisely using tamarind juice, red onion, coconut palm sugar and fish sauce to maintain the balance of sweet, sour and salty flavors. Then, the sauce is to be blended altogether with other components until it coats the rice noodles completely.

    The preparation does take much time though. So nowadays many newly opened restaurants in Bangkok are cooking Pad Thai adding “instant” sauce instead, not to mention Thai restaurants in foreign countries like where I currently live…

    Now I just can’t wait to fly back home and taste the real dish of Pad Thai with well-balanced flavors 😭

  2. Sara Yee

    세상에 세월아 흘러라 이렇게 꾸물거려서야 어디 보겠나 . . . OMG! It's soooo slow. . . I almost gave up watching! . . . It did looks so beautiful and delicious after all!

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