Lesson 1 – Basic Thai words for Beginners-ENGLISH Speakers to Learn Thai Language

These lessons will help you learn the Thai sound and the meaning of the Thai word.
These lessons were made in Thailand with natural Thai speaking people.

Learning Thai question words and Thai questions particles are very useful.
These Thai question words will be used often in Thai conversation.

These lessons will introduce you to the Thai language and help you learn the phrases you need for traveling in Thailand.

This lesson has 10 Basic Thai words for Beginners.
Words on this Thai English lesson:
ใคร – who
อะไร – what
เมื่อไหร่ – when
ที่ไหน – where
ทำไม – why
อย่างไร – how
เท่าไหร่ – How much? How many?
หรือ – or
และ – and
แต – but

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  1. MDLC Channel

    For thai people who wants to learn English please comment here. I am willing to help you learn and improve your english skills but in return please do, teach me how to speak, read and write thai language that's all i'm asking. Not a money nor a salary. All i want is to learn how to speak thai and in return I'll teach you how to speak English fluently. Anyway I'm a filipina who speaks fluently in english.

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