What are the procedures to go to Thailand with cheap budget? | Baiju N Nair | Travel Tips

1.How to go Thailand?
2.Simple Information about the journey.
4.Visa On Arrivel

The documents are required for Thailand visa on arrival:

1.Passport (Must be genuine and over 30 days validity)
2.Application form of visa arrival.
3.Immigration card (Arrival and departure card)
4.Return ticket (Must show proof of a return flight within 15 days)
5.Travel expense. 10,000 baht/person. 20,000 baht/family.
6.Visa Fee as mentioned.

The VISA ON ARRIVAL allows passport holders of some countries to enter Thailand under this rule provided that they meet these requirements: The visit is strictly for tourism purposes. You must have a confirmed return ticket to show that they are flying out of Thailand within 30 or 15 days of entry, as appropriate.

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