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  1. colorguardwith brandon

    Thai and Laos are similar. It's just the accent and the way they say it. There is 4 dialects in Thailand. Standard Thai is more sweet and calm also chaing Mai Thai also. Thai E-San and Laos are basically the same to be honest. It's just some words they pronounce differently. I my self speak Thai E-San, Laos, Standard Thai, Chaing Mai Thai and Cambodian. I don't speak much. Mostly English but I could understand them.

  2. Azure .Sith

    I couldn't stop giggling when he spoke in Laos. I can speak both Thai and Laos. I thought they were the same language when I was a kid. I notice the difference as I grew older. They are very similar. E-san is easy for me to understand. It does sound like a mixture of both but with its own dialect.

  3. Bount Pathammavong

    Thai and Lao are from Taikadai family language originally came from China and They are still People spoken Taikadai in China, and Thai and Lao are related to This Tai People and The reason Thai accent are different from Lao because Thai have some words of Khmer and Mon mixed in it and mixed marriage with other Asians and with local influence of Minorities Cultures mixed with Tai/Lao Cultures became Thai Culture and include language and accent tone changed from region to region for so many Centuries started from Ancient times but it is still Taikadai family root which make Thai and Lao intangible language both can communicate daily life and be able learn quickly from each other words and sentances without translator and understand each other meanings

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