Thai Curry Paradise: 75+ Dishes You Can Choose – Unbelievable Southern Thailand Food!

You’ll find amazing Thai curry in Southern Thailand!
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Southern Thailand is home to an amazing array of Thai curry, and in my opinion, Nakhon Si Thammarat (นครศรีธรรมราช) is one of the best eating provinces in Southern Thailand. The province is also known for generally having some of Thailand’s spiciest, fiercest dishes.

Khao Gaeng Sudyod Saphan Yao (ครัวป้าจง ข้าวแกงสุดยอดสะพานยาว) is one restaurant you don’t want to miss when you’re in Nakhon Si Thammarat. I took an unofficial count of the different Thai dishes they had prepared on the day I ate here, and it was over 75, and they had a few more dishes on the side, like side dips and salads that I forgot to cook. The display of Thai curry is enough to make cry tears of joy.

Here are the Thai curry dishes I ordered:

Gaeng taypo hua pla (แกงเทโพหัวปลา) – fish head curry with coconut milk
Gaeng khua hoy kom (แกงคั่วหอยขม) – Thai river snails curry
Yam pla chichang (ยำปลาฉิ้งฉ้าง) – green mango and dried fish salad
Yam boo kaem (ยำปูเค็ม) – raw rice paddy crab salad with sour tamarind
Gaeng khua gai baan (แกงคั่วไก่บ้าน) – spicy free range chicken curry

Total price – 290 THB ($8.51)

I think it was a pretty amazing deal for Ying and I to both eat a big huge meal and we were stuffed afterwards. An amazing choice of Southern Thai food, and good prices as well.

Khao Gaeng Sudyod Saphan Yao (ครัวป้าจง ข้าวแกงสุดยอดสะพานยาว)
ถนน.เทวราช อำเภอเมือง จ.นครศรีธรรมราช

Karom Waterfall
Entrance – 40 THB ($1.17) Thai, 200 THB ($5.87) foreigner

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40 Replies to “Thai Curry Paradise: 75+ Dishes You Can Choose – Unbelievable Southern Thailand Food!”

  1. Pachorn

    ผมยอมรับเลยครับ ขนาดผมคนไทย ไปนครศรีครั้งแรก โดนข้าวแกงพื้นบ้านไป ขี้แตกไป3วัน สมุนไพรและเครื่องแกงเค้าแรงและเผ็ดร้อนมาก 😵😭😆

  2. Robert Wicke

    Amazing vid as always, love getting a feel for Thailand cultures as well as the food. Does anyone know if curries like this are cooked fresh that morning? The standard guide books say things like don't eat anything that's been sitting around – I really want to try these style eateries next time I go to Thailand but am a bit worried about getting ill. Also I really wanna know about the fresh uncooked herbs that are on the side – what do they taste like and are they supposed to be eaten in combination with certain foods? Big love.

  3. Jimmydao Dao

    Absolutely love your work Mark, but maybe you should just do just one video of "when it all goes wrong", to give people some more realistic expectations of what they can and will find here.

    LOL, i wonder how long it will be before someone posts..

    "Because of your videos, i came half-way around the world to try the delicious (looking) foods you highlighted, but mostly found food:
    stone cold,
    very little and poor quality meat,
    big chunks of fat and chicken skin added
    stuff tasting borderline spoilt due to sitting out of refridgeration all day.
    and what i imagine must have been huge amounts of MSG added"

  4. Kyristol smith

    Are you that passionate about food & travelling? You give so much information and your videos basically all of them you’re so positive and the way you engage with your audience a majority of the time I feel as if I’m there with you, eating and exploring. Your small family and yourself are lovely. I’ve never been hooked to any form of continuous series apart from ‘Scandal’ with Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, but your videos I’ve found that I’m continuously checking to see if you’ve released something new & I’ve literally started from your first videos up until this with the aim being to watch all of them. You’re such a positive person & the way you interact with your audience come across as genuine (from my point of view). Well done, you’re touching peoples life with optimism through your videos, you’ve touched mine. Thank you

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