My Solo Trip To THAILAND

Wrapping up my Beach, Dance, Elephants tour with this revolutionary trip to Phuket, Thailand. Annnnnnd bringing you guys along with me.
I hope you guys enjoyed all the travel content this month, I’m going to lay low for a few weeks and get myself back on a maintainable schedule (sorry for all the late uploads, you guys have been so patient and I seriously appreciate it) and set my eyes on my next prize/location. The next trip will be another puppy adventure, so where would you want to see Bentley most? Hiking the trails of Arizona or sitting amongst the concrete jungle that is New York?



This place is an ethical spot to hang out with some gentle giants that have been rescued from harsh and cruel conditions and brought to this area where they can live out the rest of their lives happy and free 🙂

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24 Replies to “My Solo Trip To THAILAND”

  1. John Burke

    just wanted to say I loved this vlog and have come back to watch it. also this year in may I did my first solo trip to Porto, Portugal and you inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and can't wait to do the next solo trip. maybe Canada will be next that is on my bucket list especially Toronto and BC

  2. MaynightMemory

    Hi Kalyn, I absolutely love this video of yours so I would love to book Korsiri Villas for my vacation this year! Could you maybe tell me how you got from the airport to the hotel? Do they offer pick up or did you use a taxi or Uber? Or maybe someone has been there and can answer this? Thanks! xx

  3. Laura Lopez

    you're so fortunate to be able to go on these journeys. keep it up, you're inspiring many of us to get out there and live our lives the way they are supposed to be. you make me want to get up and get shit done!!!!!!! me gusta. 🙂

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