SPICY MEAT MOUNTAIN, Legendary Noodles & Thai Street Food in Bangkok Thailand Train Market

Headed back to Thailand for a full-on food tour! The first stop is Bangkok, where I visited a 130-year-old noodle shop/ice cream parlor that was the oldest in Bangkok. Then it’s off for some desserts and a local train market for some soup and egg yoke ice cream. Finally, I headed down to the Rod Fai Train Market for a reunion with a SPICY Mountain of meat!

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The places I went to:
✧ Leow Liang Seng (เลี่ยว เลี่ยง เซ้ง), a 128-year-old restaurant.
✧ One Day Wallflower Florist Shop
✧ Jeen – Lee Crispy Noodle
✧ Rod Fai Train Market

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36 Replies to “SPICY MEAT MOUNTAIN, Legendary Noodles & Thai Street Food in Bangkok Thailand Train Market”

  1. Suzane pvi

    Im going to visit my family in thailand next year in middle of march and my brother inform me that march is the most hot month in thailand, im looking at your sweat pouring down while eating scare me a lil lol

  2. Dave Lister

    A golden tiny pitch fork for hunting fairies 😂 Pet that cat 😍 and now you get tore into a gory swim bladder ? no no no 😂 Nice train there 👍 I'd be sharing with the two sweeties on the next table 😋

  3. Madara Uchiha

    MIKE you are awesome man been watching your videos since the beginning love and enjoy watching you eat, I just enjoy hearing you talk about it and you really sound like your enjoying your self makes me happy, when I have free time I just relax watch your videos and I feel relieved. I really wish I could eat all the stuff you do that every time I watch your videos I'm like MAN I wish I could do this 😂 have really anxiety tho so I don't go out much just appreciate the small things you do man
    Thank you so much for posting and doing the things you do
    It makes my day

    Your biggest fan Craig!

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