TLI 01 – Travel Tips for Cheap Holidays (Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia)

Travel Log Indochina entry 01.

Travel Tips for a cheap break in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. December 2009 Holidays.
You can enjoy Indochina like a millionaire, spending next to nothing as long as you go independent. DIY. All you need to know is where to go. The rest is on you.


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14 Replies to “TLI 01 – Travel Tips for Cheap Holidays (Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia)”

  1. Dis covery Mar

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  2. retirecheapjc

    Very nice. I have lived here in Thailand for 12 years and was married to a lady from Recife Brazil. I have over 50 videos to show the same. People need to know they have options of where they can live for very little money. Keep up the great work.

  3. Guilherme Aguiar

    We stayed there for 35 days and spent something like £2000. But this is not a good reference. When I finish this documentary I'll actually calculate how much money we spend on everything. You have all the prices for visas tickets and accommodations here… so that should give you a good idea…
    Where exactly do you want to go? X

  4. Guilherme Aguiar

    Hello there! Thanks for passing by!
    Well, We never actually stopped to calculate everything. Let's say we spent way more than needed cause, first, we bought a lot of stuff to bring back home (and I mean it! A LOT) Second, we didn't have the info that this video offers, so we lost a lot of money being ripped off. Also we spent a lot postponing our tickets and paying penalties for overstaying… (continue)

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