Teacher's Thailand Song

Teachers are some of the most inspiring and influential people in our lives. Yet they’re also some of the most under-appreciated professionals in the world, their enormous social value often going unrecognized. Expressing your gratitude for all that a teacher has done for you, whether it’s school, college, night school or an adult community course, is something that is always worth doing. Thanking your teacher is a great way to let your teacher know just how important his or her impact has been on your life..Thank you very much TEACHER…we will always love you..

thailand song

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  1. lucio delgado

    The action from a teacher and its student are not exaggerated in this video clip. RESPECT! is a moral responsibility of every student.
    If you watch any Thai TV series you will see, discipline. On occasion on Thai TV, we see former students (now professional in their field) meet their former teacher or teachers in appreciation for their kindness, discipline and their understanding. You also see behind the teacher or teachers all their students witnessing their teacher fulfillment and duties. Extraordinary Thai culture!

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