Top 10 Travel Hacks | Thailand Edition

With traveling to Thailand for 5 times over the past 2 years I learned a few things I want to share with you in this video!
These tips and hack hopefully will make your next travel adventure to Thailand or another country of your choice to an amazing experience!
Hope you enjoy watching,
Much love!

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Things I’m using:

☯ Dr. Bronner’s Soap:
☯ Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Backpack:
☯ Deuter 10 L backpack:
☯ Xero Shoes:
☯ Eagle Creek Packing Cubes:

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» Minimalist Backpacking | 10 L Pack:
» 10 Travel Hacks:
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Music: Sea Wave
Camera: Canon G7X
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48 Replies to “Top 10 Travel Hacks | Thailand Edition”

  1. Strawberry Elli

    Let me know if you've been to Thailand before and where you liked the most when you visited!
    Also there's a Minimalist Apartment Tour planned from the place we're staying at, so stay tuned!
    Hope you enjoyed watching, have amazing travels and I'm sending you much love!🙏

  2. manos3790

    Unsure why this lady's advising us about budgeting? I'm going to assume that she's there on the back of her extremely wealthy parents. I guessed this by her very pretentious thinking🤔😉😂

  3. Norm P

    We go to to Chiangmai for 3 to 5 months every winter. Love the people, the food and the weather. My advice is to pack very light. Everything you need is available there and generally at a lower price. Although there are ATMs everywhere, most stores only accept cash. If you rent a motorcycle, you are required to have a motorcycle license (international DL showing motorcycle) and wear a helmet. I am stopped in road check points several times a week and have never been fined, but I always have a valid DL and helmet.

  4. Richard Goodin

    Very informative. I would never have guessed that they call it the rainy season because it rains a lot! And, when I travel, I always prefer to stay in my room and prepare my own food; that way I get the true experience of visiting a new place.

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  6. Hollie M

    Hi i know this video is old but your information was great for me and my husband.
    I have a question if you see this,
    Do you have information on apartments or some site to rent on?
    Did you need Visa to stay longer than 30days?
    Thank you again for all your info!

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