Thailand Holiday; Karon Beach – Tips & Tours & Places to see

Thanks for watching my Thailand Holiday video.
On this trip we stayed at the Hilton Arcadia Resort in Karon Beach.
We went on a speedboat tour through Monkey Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don islands and visited Maya Bay, where the Hollywood film “The Beach” was filmed and swam in the clearest waters on the planet.
We also embarked on many nights in town trying street foods, Tiger bar and a Ping-Pong Show!
We also went to Phuket Fantasea, experienced a Thai flood, went elephant trekking with Siam Safari (one of Phuket’s most renowned elephant safaris where they have won awards for treating their animals ethically) and did Rollerball Zorbing.

After our holiday in Phuket we went to the Full Moon Party and stayed in Koh Phangan for the remainder of the trip;
View the Full Moon Party part of the trip here

View my first Thailand holiday video here:

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11 Replies to “Thailand Holiday; Karon Beach – Tips & Tours & Places to see”

  1. Raya Baroudi

    looks like you did not do your research on elephant sanctuaries because any facility that has people riding the elephants in any way means they are not being treated properly. You should correct that information in your description or take the video down. thanks.

  2. nippy98

    Great video, Laura! Just one point I'd like to make. We went to a rescue elephant sanctuary near Bangkok and apparently it's really bad for elephants to have seats strapped to their backs for tourists because their spines are naturally weak and the weight of the seats and tourists actually damages their spines. I just thought it's worth a mention because we didn't know that before we went to help at the sanctuary.

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