THAI // Basic Words + Phrases for Travelers

Jack teaches you key Thai words and phrases for travelers!

Please note: These are just basics for people who would like to know a few key words and phrases while traveling. They are broken down into their simplest forms for quick learning. There are some things that are complex and take longer to learn, such as the subtleties between R and L, D and T, as well as B and P, all of which are interchanged often when using the English alphabet. So please just take this for what it is – quick traveler lingo! Happy travels!

We also filmed a video about Thai culture!

Jack –

WORDS/PHRASES in this video –

HELLO: sa-wat-dee ka/krup
GOOD MORNING: a-loon-sa-wad
GOOD NIGHT: la-tri-sa-wad
GOODBYE: la-gorn-ka/krup
SEE YOU LATER: jer-gun
YES: chai ka/krup
NO: mai-chai ka/krup
THANK YOU: kob-khun-ka/krup
YOU’RE WELCOME: mai-pen-rai
HOW MUCH: tao-lai?
EXCUSE ME/SORRY: kor-toad-ka/krup
DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?: pood-pa-sa-ang-krit-dai-mai
WHERE IS?: yuu-tee-nai-ka/krup
BATHROOM: hong-nahm
MOTORCYCLE TAXI: win-motorcai
HOTEL: rong-ram
AIRPORT: sa-nam-bin
EXIT: tahng-org
ENTRANCE: tahng-kao
WATER: nahm
CHEERS: chon
NOT SPICY: mai-ped
REALLY SPICY: ped-mak-mak
NOODLES: guai-ti-ow

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  1. Jax Jones

    🌈Sa Wad Dee I Sunee Na Thad! Do you remember me?? I'm BJ and Jay Lek's daughter!! Remember me Mo Fo?? How long has it been man OMG?!! And how random is this shit right now dude??!! I mean WTF?! I haven't seen or heard from you in sooooooo fucking long I lost count! Then out of nowhere…💥POOOF💥 there you are looking more na thad than ever dude!!! Hahahaha!!! This is too weird man. The universe must want us to connect back up or something cause I can't seem to find any other explanations why you would be popping up right now looking all Na Thad and shit on my screen bro… Tripp the fuck out!!😱🤯 Anyway hit me back dude! Can't wait to hear what you have to say!! I'm glad that mung yung Na Thad muhn derm na I Sunee Ok take care na E Dogg.. HUGS! AND Kit Tung Mung Na❣ (((WHOLENESS VIBRATIONS MY FRIEND))) ✌😘 ❤ 🐒💨

  2. Jabez Villanueva

    When i watched this video i laughed a lot because some phrases in thai when it pronounced it has the same of some filipino phrases but it has different meaning and spelling just when it pronounced they sound alike :)…

    but thank you for this video 🙂 it helps a lot to know some new phrases in different language 🙂

  3. MAD GUY


  4. peter smith

    I think you have problem about "R sound" in Thai. Because you use "L sound " instead of "R sound". That are wrong "Arun sawas" is right "Alun sawas" is wrong and you should say "Ratree sawas" not "Latee sawas"

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