Thailand Trip Begins: Visa on Arrival for Indians

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48 Replies to “Thailand Trip Begins: Visa on Arrival for Indians”

  1. Gujarat Creative Media MS

    Mithlesh good morning bhai meri 16 oct Thailand dmk flight hai or mera evisa me koi mistek hui hai photo or tourist visa karte samya transit pe click ho gya or mera hotel wattana me hai sakura sky Residence to dmk 04.15 hrs 17 oct to vahase bus ya taxi konsi sasti padegi me aabhi akela ja raha hu pls ans

  2. R

    Sry bro I don't found Ur videos informative always u try to act stud who travel with gals. But these videos are good for guys becz of our Thark and obsession with white skin.

  3. Siddharth M

    Hey Mithilesh as usual u rock, have one question. I am travelling to Thailand. From BOM early morning flight will reach at 1245 Hrs as per Schedule, from their I have flight for HKT which is at 1615 Hrs, so I have to be at the counter by atleast 1400 Hrs. Now some people r scaring me saying at times queue for on arrival visa is long & it can take hours, I don’t wanna miss my flight. And is it possible to take Visa directly frm Phuket, as I won’t be leaving airport terminal at DMK.

  4. Rajendra Dubey

    Bro, one question.
    At immigration hotel booking for how many days they want to see? If we want to book hostel initially for 2-3 days not for full trip days and book another according to next plan how to show hostel booking details then.

  5. Pankaj Dhiman

    Yeh chutiye ki sab video mai dhayan dena..laundiya lekr hi aayega..bhai hum kya lodu baithe hai jo nahi pata wat the vlog is for. Not to show our villagers that u can talk to girls with ur broken english

  6. Pankaj Dhiman

    Crap started after 15:40 . Us indians ..dats y we r so disgusting amongst foreigners. Bhai tu apna bata na..tu chutiyapanti kab chodega be. Check other vloggers..u just need any grl to creat likes. My These things doesnt even matter to me. Im here to get info..not like other…waaahhh bhai..bandi pata li..loda mera bhosdike

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