Talking to Thai People My Top Tips Bangkok Thailand

Communicating with someone who not only speaks a different language, but also has a different culture can sometimes be extremely difficult.

Honestly, 9 times out of 10 when Ta and I fight it’s due to miscommunication. Not that soulmates fight very often. 🙂

In this video I will point out 5 things to keep front of mind when interacting with Thai people.

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Brad & Ta

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26 Replies to “Talking to Thai People My Top Tips Bangkok Thailand”

  1. Our Life Thai

    We've just come back from the market, but while we were there, Ta offered to buy me some freshly squeezed orange juice.
    I politely said no thank you and I was greeted with "shut up, it's good for health". Followed by uncontrollable laughter.
    So I was wrong in the video, she will say it out loud. haha

  2. Starr V

    Hi Brad and Ta, my name is Gypsy, I'm from Western Australia, I spoke to you once before and mentioned catching up with you both for a meal this year in Bangkok when I visit with my son, I love your video's, you guys are really cool, well I have met a Thai girl online and hope to catch up with her as well when I visit Thailand, she seems really nice and I feel as though things are progressing nicely on the emotional side……..I think, I might need to def catch up for some pointers on Thai women, I still wonder how genuine this relationship is sometimes though, both you and Ta might be able to offer a little wisdom, we are doing our best to cross the language barrier atm and meet somewhere in the middle, lol, not sure about leaving Australia at the moment tho as my business is growing, I do artwork on Harleys and cars and am getting a name for myself, I would have to check out the Harley scene in Thailand, you're welcome to check out my page 'Alchemy Airbrushing' on FB. I am determined to have a wonderful Thai wife oneday one way or another, I will continue watching your video's with my son, we have subscribed.

  3. My Road to Thailand

    Hello Brad & Ta. I to hold honesty in the highest regard, and I can say with all certainty Nuch my Thai girlfriend hasn't been caught in 1 single lie. We talk every day and have since we first met Aug 2016. I've never in 55 years encountered anyone that I've known for a long time that I didn't catch even in the smallest of lie. She does, however, avoid certain topics I suspect are uncomfortable or she doesn't know how to respond. Nothing major. I don't think it's an ego thing to have your Thai lady look at you when you're talking to her, I think it's a respect thing. I drive for a living, drivers everywhere (not just Thailand) are extremely territorial once they are behind the wheel. Ever heard the say, "What, do you think you own the road?" Usually as they give you the middle finger salute. Another great video, thanks and Be Well.

  4. Mustafa Ali

    Thai culture is deeply rooted with Buddhism. All that you pointed out in the video are some of them. I sometimes forget how their culture and mind set are more 'open' when compared back at home. Being humble, modest, kind and straight forward (honesty) should be a way of life for all. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. crispernator

    Gday mate my fiancee oh she tells lies all the time always say i handsome man 5555 i know where your coming from when she doesnt understand she will say yes and ill say what? then its just laughter slowely please she will say . Alot has to do with not losing face as well something you have to be very carefull of as much as you might want to tell someone of it is better not to as they will lose face a no no in thailand good video take care

  6. american in Singapore

    That's true that a lot of Thai women tell little white lies to western men….Their motives for doing so ,are many..Although I must say I did meet one Thai woman that was quite the opposite…She was truthful in every statement she made..Almost to a fault…She would have made a good life partner, but unfortunately wasn't attracted to her…but one of the few Thai women I have ever met that just oozed truthful ness out of every pore in her body..

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