Bangkok or Chiang Mai ? Which is BEST Thailand Travel Destination 2019 🇹🇭

Check Below for more explained detail. Choosing between Bangkok or Chiang Mai to travel to can be very challenging. What are the differences ? Where is better for vacation in Thailand ? Both Chiang Mai and Bangkok are among the most picked places for those who travel to Thailand. But what you need to keep in mind is that even though so many travel bloggers or Travel Vloggers say they love Chiang Mai or Bangkok, It does not mean that you need to love both of them as well or travel there just because of that reasons. Even though both cities are amazing but these 2 cities can pamper you in a totally different way. Also, sometimes life work in the way that you have to select one over another. So this video is designed for those who have time constraint or Those who have budget constraint that force you to pick only one destination while traveling in Thailand.

☼ The coverage today includes :
– Weather and climate condition in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai
– Ways of Getting around, Ease of getting around and Transportation comparison in both cities.
– Things to do : nature, nightlife, cultural activity, shopping and variety of activities to do in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai
– Food
– Internet and the scope for digital nomads and expats issue

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American and Thai travel couple left the career in military and finance to become travel story teller, proving the world that you don’t have to be rich to travel well. We met in 2015 in South Korea While working and studying there.

In 2017, September, we both kicked off traveling with $4000 in our saving account and first started creating ‘divertliving’ as a mean to :

☼ show you the world as the way it is – no sugar coated stuff, no hidden truth.
☼ provide you traveling tips as we consider ourselves as ‘careful budget traveling couple’ 🙂
☼ let you see our struggle and challenge we have been through while traveling and ‘trying’ to live digital nomad lifestyle as a mixed couple.
☼ give you positive vibe! as we are like that, we are positive couple 🙂

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27 Replies to “Bangkok or Chiang Mai ? Which is BEST Thailand Travel Destination 2019 🇹🇭”

  1. Divert Living

    ⇢ Make sure to check us out on INSTAGRAM: For daily stories and photos all around 🧡
    where do you prefer ? Chiang Mai or Bangkok ? 🧐
    ⇢ Don't forget to click CC for English subtitle !:)
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  2. Ron Shaver

    I am enjoying your content so much. You have somehow found the right balance between information/entertainment which I think is so rare in travel youtubers. Moving on … we travel a lot, but most of that has been in Europe; specifically Italy; but are going to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai the middle to end of March in 2020 (we will continue on to Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia before heading home). Have watched and taken notes on your recommendations in most of these locations (especially loved the Ubud vlog and we will be there for a week so will follow in your footsteps) so hoping you can give us some insight into how best to experience Thailand and spend our time there. We are in Bangkok for 4 full days, Chiang Mai for 5 full days and Chiang Rai for 2. Of course any information on other locations would be welcome. Thanks for even taking time to read this and know that I will follow your adventures as they unfold. Take care. Respectfully, Ron

  3. Weerawan Thianpom

    Hey Jimmy and tah👋🏼
    So glad I came across this video, I've been back in Bangkok many times, but I have never been to chiangmai before. But this time going back, we're heading up north to chiangmai, I'm so excited to see what chiangmai has to offer.

    Also are you guys from Rochester? I'm from buffalo!

  4. Dari Mae

    Aloha! Visiting Chiang Mai and Bangkok in a few weeks! What is the best way to obtain baht or exchange US $ for baht? Not sure how much to budget daily for food and transportation for a week. Mahalo! 🌺

  5. รักษ์ PhithakThai

    I love Chiang Mai sure.That you can not find something in BKK .it is only found in Chiang Mai or North Region of Thailand .They have beauty waterfall ,Sakura Doi flower,Highest mountain in Thailand ,Beauty flowers farm,beauty strawberry farm ,Lychee farm,Longan farm, Sainamphueng tangerine orange farms,Coffee farm, and another fruits farm,best view of National park,Beauty North Architecture ,hill tribe ,beautiful girls ,handsome boys of Thailand ,Lanna cultural center (The most sweety culture of Thailand), Buddhism conservative city in Chiang Mai ,Nice North Thai style people and they have sweety unique language that we call “ Kam Mueng “ language .Kam Mueng language is the most soft and sweety in Thailand and Kam Mueng language different from central Thai language . It is the most sweety Thai language in Thailand.

  6. Jinx3dJ

    Hi guys! So happy to watch your video. I spent a month in Thailand in November/December 2018 and had the best time of my life. I spent time in the islands, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pai. I am going back in January 2020 for about 10 nights with my girlfriend. This will be her first time there. The issue is that we are having a hard time deciding WHERE to go. Neither of us are big drinking/party people, however we appreciate that culture and the excitement. We are both avid foodies, and love to actually experience the culture of where we are. Any suggestions on where to spend out 10 nights would be amazing.

  7. Tim Romack

    I have lived and vacationed in the mountains, Ozark Mountains, but I enjoys the weather more here. I think I would prefer Chiang Mai rea more and have been looking at it seriously. The problem being I also like to see the city and nightlife to a degree, so visit to Bangkok would be better. I also want to travel and see all this country has to offer for sights, sounds, food. I do want to see so many places y'all have vlogged so the decisions are tough and I'm not getting any younger. I also wish to meet a special someone over there, somewhere!

  8. Gabriela

    My boyfriend and I are going to Thailand May 3-17 we are planning on going to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.
    We like the chill vibe and also the party life and adventures in beaches etc.

    How many days would you guys recommend in bangkok Chiang Mai and phuket?

    I’ve been watching all you guys videos super informative! But it’s so stressful planning! Lol please heeellpppp

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