Kinging-It Q&A #2: Thailand Tips | Breakdancing | Laos or Cambodia?

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This week Aimee finally grasped the concept of a Q&A sort of…
We had some wicked questions, you had us breakdancing, questioning Loas or Cambodia and tips of travelling Thailand.

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23 Replies to “Kinging-It Q&A #2: Thailand Tips | Breakdancing | Laos or Cambodia?”

  1. Marline Dorcinvil

    I love these! So I wanted to ask a DEEP questions (don't answer if its too deep)
    I have watched your vlogs from the beginning and I know that the both of you have been through some really difficult health situation (Amiee with cancer and Craig with breaking his neck). If these things never happened do you believe that you guys would be in the same position you are right now in life? and what path (travels, school, career, children) do you think you would have taken?

  2. connor toogood

    hey guys, massive fan of your blogs, binged watched them for the last week or so as I was off! couldn't of spent the time any better!!!! what sort of software do you use to do your editing? is it free? im thinking about doing something similar, but not as frequently, when I go away for a few years. your advice would be great 😀

  3. craftsmanami

    We just got back from Thailand, and Bali. It was awesome! That's how I found you guys. I was researching the trip.I have a few tips.1. Buy a SIM card immediately, at the airport.2. Use UBER instead of taxis ( to and from airport, and getting to different parts of town). Example- 300,000 rupiah from airport to Ubud in taxi. 100,000 rupiah for same trip in UBER.3. Don't book any boat trips or island excursions at hotel. Go outside and visit a few kiosks and bargain with them. You will pay almost half.One last thing- most people don't tip, but if you do,they really appreciate it. And it's only a buck or two anyway. On Lembongan island we tipped the workers at the hotel for breakfast, or beers, whatever. Then we went to Kuta, and hated it, so we went back to Lembongan island. The hotel remembered us, and gave us the best room at the hotel for the cheapest room rate. 🙂

  4. Sarah Skinner

    Hello Kinging-It! I'm a new subscriber from the U.S., Ohio. I love your vlogs; the stable camera, great colors, and seamless editing place your vlogs among the best on Youtube! One suggestion: I would put an "Uploads" section on your primary Youtube page – at the moment I have to search around a bit to find your most recent uploads.

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