Best way to learn Thai Language.

Vlog#679 Today I talk about some things that helped me while learning to speak Thai. Don’t get discouraged by the laughing at your awkwardness of the Thai Language, or other expats discourage your learning process. The language varies from region and by borders. Your friend in Bangkok will definitely make fun of you while he is learning and you might be in Ubon close to Cambodia. All that matters is that you can communicate with Thai’s. You can trash your piers in English.
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thailand language

34 Replies to “Best way to learn Thai Language.”

  1. notime2bsad

    Thanks guys for taking the time to leave a comment. Today I wanted to just share some thoughts and disappointments of learning Thai. I only share these thoughts on video to maybe help someone who might be going through the same dilemma. I like to point out my faults and share some thoughts of others that might be holding you back. I have short term memory so I don't take anything to personal. Tomorrow I won't remember….lol

  2. lunalupis

    Thank you for this vlog! Just now getting to go back and watch your older videos! That karaoke guy was crazy funny! Anywho… I have already noticed how much more improved you are at speaking the language!

  3. VoidraMusic

    I tried to tell the food stall lady she forgot to put in the noodles, even tried pointing to the menu picture, yes meat, yes wontons, no noodles, I even said the thai word for noodles and she still did not understand…after i use the translator app it was frustrating

  4. AC Chooboon

    Chuck, your thai is pretty impressive for living in Thailand only 3 years. I’m a thai American so probably have a decent understanding of how words and phrases get translated between the two cultures. Feel free to msg me if you have any questions, be glad to help

  5. The Real Estate Project

    When you listen to entertainers they pronounce the R. So here I am thinking khrap is pronounced "crap". And I'm thinking this is gonna be great. I can walk around calling people "crap". Like in "sawadee crap, sabai dee mai crap". I quickly found out that I was pronouncing the word wrong by this one lady. My Thai has improved some. I think I'm at a 3 year old level. But my girlfriend still many times doesn't understand me what I say to her in Thai. I get my words switched around sometimes or don't get the right pronunciation. Her English isn't the greatest. We laugh about it and it all balances out.

  6. Ross Morris

    Great Video Chuck. As I am trying to learn the language myself it is a good insight in how to start and I totally agree with you about learning to read and write first. Hopefully I can get to a level where I can converse with my GF in her native language. She is from Khon Kaen and she does teach me some Issan Slang as she calls it

  7. Rick Darter

    Screw the critics… Just keep doing what makes you happy.
    Not only is Thai tonal. They also speak full duplex… (Everyone in a group talks and listens at the same time)
    Thanks for sharing Chuck and Paige.

  8. Mike Lomeli

    Thank's for making these videos. I'm living here in Phuket, I've been here for 2 years and I've found that learning the language is very difficult as well. I wouldn't worry too much about the critics, as long as you're making progress. I know MANY Westerners who've been here 10 years or more who don't speak the language. The more I learn, the better I feel. Many Thai people DON'T want Westerners to learn the Thai language, Thai people seem to enjoy talking about you in Thai when thay know you don't understand them. Many Thai people will resent your speaking Thai.

  9. paul h

    I study thai everyday on youtube plus try get 2 lession a week in on after you get over the complete amateur stage learning become fun.. When you start to understand what people are saying even if its just catching bits and pieces of it . Now that's a good feeling

  10. carpe diem

    Excellent video. And I love the clips you threw in. Where did you find those guys? Appreciate that you made sure your recording was good, in spite of the noise and that you spoke loud and clear enough. I think you did all the correct things in learning a language and put in the work necessary. A lot of expats in different countries apparently never make any effort.

  11. Aussie Farang

    Haha good video chuck, the phonetics I find are hopeless, everyone has a different way of trying to convert the thai language to English. I did the same as you and learnt the alphabet and learnt how to read. I’m still learning Thai, it’s not easy for me here in Australia as I only practise with my wife. Haha your wife is a nut same as mine, love it they are so much fun.
    Did you understand the Aussie guy? Running down the street in his jocks??

  12. Emmanuel Finley

    After watching your video, I now understand what you mean by learning to write first. I wanted to learn Thai the same way that a little kid would. You learn to speak first and then write. I believe what I'll do is learn from a Thai person who speaks great English and I should be able to get by with doing that. Wish me luck because my Thai girlfriend also said she would teach me too.

  13. james spignesi

    So many Thai based channels and expats sadly say just the opposite about not bothering to learn to speak Thai. Really sad, very lazy on their parts and always just plain dumb. Its not that hard to learn. Without it you will just be miserable here always feeling lost and ignored. I pity those unwilling to learn. Good luck surviving on your own without it and stop depending on your partner to translate for you.

  14. Harry Hawk

    Hi Chuck, thanks again for another great video, just ignore the haters, I've learned so much from your channel not just language but Thai culture. Area's i'd like to visit and more. Really appreciate all the research you do, well informed. Keep doing what you are doing and we will keep watching! By the way, Paige is so funny, walking down the street Be-bopin along the way lol.

  15. Greg Emerson

    My wife made me learn a few simple words in Thai after we met. Hello, goodbye, thank you. Now after being married for two years I’d like to learn more. We’re in the US now so I really only have her to bounce words off of which is limiting. She laughs at me a lot when I try to say something to her in Thai. But someday I will be able to converse with her in her language. That’s my goal. We will be moving to Thailand at least for the winters in about 4 years when I retire so that may be when I try to learn. Maybe find a school like you did. Thanks for the video and good for you for not letting the haters get you down. There a lot of them online for sure. Pitiful souls, they are. Take care.

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