6 Things I’ve Learned from Traveling through Thailand

1. Researching common scams before getting to your destination. This was my first time travelling through a less wealthy nation and I was suprised about how much the locals were not giving genuine advice to tourists and directing people towards scams or terrible ideas.Pretty much any local (especially taxi cab and tuktuk drivers) that approaches you, you should proceed with extreme caution as it’s pretty likely that person is attempting to get money out of you.
2. Google will not solve everything in Asia.I was under the impression that Google Maps always had the best route to get to my next destination, when in reality there are a lot of things that Google didn’t know. Bangkok for example is a very poorly designed city for tourism. All the big tourism attractions are located no where near any of the metro/subway lines. Busses are useless as traffic in Bangkok is horrible. Which means you are stuck using a taxi or a motocycle taxi if you want to get somewhere quickly. Google maps didn’t know that there was a ferry line on the river that goes straight to the tourism areas, and it’s also the fastest way to get out of the tourism areas as well. Google Maps is great in western countries but does very poorly in Asia.
3. Bangkok is a terrible travel destination. It’s Los Vegas without the casinos and with way more prostititues and ladyboys. I believe the city bring the worse out of people as the city tourism is dominated with sex, drugs and money. You’ll find travellers in the region recommend that you get out of Bangkok as fast as possible, as most people dislike it as a travel destination.Treat it as a transit hub, and move on to the Southern Islands or the northern regions.
4. Go out and meet new people. This was a trip where I was solo travelling and I was fortunate enough to meet absolutely wonderful people along the way. For me it was either meeting people enroute to a destination, meeting other travellers at a tourism attraction, or simply meeting new friends at a hostel. I feel like it’s always nice to learn other people stories along the way. Don’t be afraid to let go either. I’ve switched companions quite often as our travel intenaries didn’t align, but I’ve added people on Facebook and you never know when your interaries will magically align again later in life.
5. Carry a smaller backpack. I currently carry a 70L Osprey Aether backpack with an additional 15L Daylite Pack and I also bring my Manfrotto D1 backpack to carry all my drone and camera equipment when I travel. Weight is the number one issues I have when I travel and I believe that If I give myself extra space in my bag. Eventually it will be filled with something I shouldn’t be carrying on my adventures. Figure out how to save on weight, and you’ll have more energy on your adventures explore and discover you destination.
6. Domestic flights are insanely cheap in Thailand. Also discount regional airlines are also insanely cheap too. If you like to not plan your adventures and just go with the flow, often you can just show up at the airport with cash and be on a flight within 2 hours. This also works well with people that don’t have access to credit or the bank has blocked your account due to “fraudulent” activity. Alternatively if you liked the more planned approach through South East Asia, then I highly recommend you check out the ASEAN Pass from Air Asia. You need to book the flights 2 weeks in advance after purchasing your flight. But you gain 10 credits to fly to any chain of destinations you wish.

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  1. ZuluMachine Travels

    Sup dude nice tips and I would disagree with you when using Google Maps as I have used it in Bali and Hong Kong. I even used it to take Trains in Hong Kong. Google works well for me.

    I really enjoy your videos. Hope you post more videos and tips.

  2. LizLopez M

    i know this is about a year old video but does anyone know the best city to stay in or a best backpacking route for South East Asia?
    i'm planning a solo trip next year and really want to make the most of it. (:

  3. Andrea Thong

    Awesome tips for first timers who are going to BKK!

    But I had a whole entire different experience (maybe because I was a red passport holder/ My skin color was similar to them)

    I stayed at BKK for 3 days and went Hostel hoppings around BKK. But you're right, BKK is more of a transit hub rather than a place where you can sightseeing or enjoy some recreational activities.

    I understood your pain when you're travelling around BKK, but I recommend using Grab as UBER is no longer in SEA. Grab actually gives a flat rate and tracks where you're heading, if you're unsure of the traffic, use Waze. Waze is more accurate in SEA compared to Google Maps.

  4. Brianna Borghetti

    How heavy was your backpack for this trip? I am backpacking Thailand/Cambodia/Laos this summer and I have read that my carry on cannot be over 7kg. Is 7kg enough for a month of backpacking? They give you the option to check your backpack but i wasn't sure if it was worth paying so much money to check it if its not necessary. Thanks!

  5. Jack Collings

    Hey, I was wondering if you have any tips for backpacking with camera gear? (DSLR, GoPro, laptop, gimbal, accessories). I'm worried about it getting damaged or stolen, and also carrying around the extra weight. Thanks!

  6. Anthony Pearce

    Hi maiku

    Great video mate good information 👍🏼
    I was just wondering when your going to tourist sites like temples etc do you carry your backpack with you or do you leave it at the hostel where your staying and how safe are the hostels in your opinion


  7. Eric Ferrao

    Hello Maiku! Thanks for the great video and tips! I'm planning a 2-month solo backpack through SEA in June 2018. I am from Montreal, Canada. Which city is it best to fly in to other than Bangkok?

    Thanks a million!

  8. Ascha Abbas

    Hello maiku, I want to ask for your opinion. I am going to thailand with a group of 10 students. So basically we are planning to rent a bus to make it easy for us to go one place to another(in bangkok). So is it the right choice to rent a bus? Or any other suggestion?

  9. The NYC Couple

    The tour buses try to scam you too!? Jeezus! We got scammed a lot in South America too. It was so hard to find a taxi driver that wouldn't rip us off lol. We discovered Maps.me in SA and it was a life saver! I wonder if it works in Asia.

    Great , informative video, thanks for sharing!

  10. MrM

    If you don't mind the hustle and bustle of the big city. Bangkok is fantastic!..in my opinion. Personally i keep away from khao san road and the Red-light districts.
    I have been to BKK 4 times now and there is still so many fantastic things to explore, Especially all the good street food!.
    Check out Mark Wiens food channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyEd6QBSgat5kkC6svyjudA
    And Bangkok Fatty: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs6-BMxPKPci6fODI8nJ6xw
    They show you the best places to eat in Bangkok. keep it up!

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